Yu-Gi-Oh! Fate of the Pharaoh, Part 3

Using the awesome abilities of Seal of Orichalcos, Yugi grinds Rafael’s guardians into garbage... but he’s also slowly succumbing to the card’s evil influence! As darkness grows within his heart, Yugi’s monsters turn sinister! Yugi will do anything to win, including indiscriminately forsaking his precious monsters, but the consequences of his non-heroic acts may be his undoing!

  • Season 4: Episode 14
  • Duration: 21:20
  • Air Date: 11.13.2004
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Season 4: Ep 15 Duration: 21:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trial by Stone

Dartz has captured Yugi’s soul! Having betrayed his dearest friend, the Pharaoh sinks into the darkest depths of despair and loses his will to save the world! Broken and unmotivated, how will our heroes ever rescue Yugi, especially when Dartz has a duo of nefarious new recruits ready to eradicate them?

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