Yu-Gi-Oh! A Duel With Dartz!, Part 4

It’s a multi-pronged attack as Dartz adds a third ring to Seal of Orichalcos, stopping the Pharaoh and Kaiba from doing... anything! Even when they manage to attack, Dartz’s Orichalcos Kyutora absorbs all damage! Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Dartz summons the thundering Orichalcos Shunoros to pound the Pharaoh and Kaiba into pancakes! It’s game over, for even the guardian dragons are little match against this battling behemoth!

  • Season 4: Episode 36
  • Duration: 21:17
  • Air Date: 05.14.2005
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Season 4: Ep 37 Duration: 21:20

Yu-Gi-Oh! A Duel With Dartz!, Part 5

Kaiba’s soul has been captured, leaving the Pharaoh all alone to fend for himself against the invincible forces of Dartz and the Orichalcos! Will his friends reach out from the beyond to give him one last fighting chance before the Pharaoh sinks into the inescapable depths of despair? For in the darkest time of need, hope still resides among the legendary dragons as they reveal their true identities...

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