Yu-Gi-Oh! On the Wrong Track, Part 2

While Weevil sneakily infests and genetically manipulates Yugi’s monsters to metamorphose them into crude creepy crawlers, Rex Raptor’s prehistoric predators take a more forceful approach and run roughshod over Joey’s forces! Nothing will stop Weevil and Rex Raptor from quenching their thirst for revenge that’s been brewing since Battle City by capturing Yugi and Joey’s souls!

  • Season 4: Episode 17
  • Duration: 21:20
  • Air Date: 11.27.2004
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Season 4: Ep 20 Duration: 21:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! Reliving the Past

Weakened by his journey into the dark reaches of his heart, Yugi is in no shape to duel... but Dartz doesn’t care! Dartz sends out his ancient annihilator Orichalcos Soldier to finish Yugi once and for all! Ironheart struggles to help him, but he may pay the ultimate price from a battle that started ten thousand years ago...

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