Yu-Gi-Oh! The Scars of Defeat

Kaiba descends to the kingdom to face Pegasus! Has Kaiba changed since his battle with Yugi, or is he still the same merciless duelist? A battle between Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Joey’s Red-Eyes B. Dragon holds the answers!

  • Season 1: Episode 16
  • Duration: 20:20
  • Air Date: 02.09.2002
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Season 1: Ep 17 Duration: 20:51

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arena of Lost Souls, Part 1

The #1 American duelist Bandit Keith’s gang kidnaps Joey to a secret cave with a graveyard playing field. As Yugi and friends search for him, Joey faces Bandit Keith’s zombie monsters which become stronger as they return from the grave! Joey is all alone in the battle this time!

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