Season 2


The adventure continues...
After defeating Pegasus and winning back his grandfather’s soul, Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle begin to feel that this was not the end of their journey and that destiny has something more in store for them. These feelings are further fueled when a new enemy emerges -- the mind-controlling Marik! Armed with another Millennium Item, the Millennium Rod, Marik is able to control the minds of those around him to do his bidding. With direct ties to ancient Egypt, Marik is plotting to take over the world by acquiring the three all-powerful Egyptian God Cards and the seven Millennium Items with the help of his henchmen - the Rare Hunters!

Shortly after Marik emerges, a mysterious woman named Ishizu also shows up. Possessing her own Millennium Item --the Millennium Necklace -- Ishizu is able to see into the past and predict the future. She reveals to Yugi that he is in fact the brave and powerful Pharaoh who saved the world 5,000 years ago from the evil of the Shadow Games! Ishizu warns that history will repeat itself and Yugi must once again save the world!

The Egyptian God Cards...
Kaiba, still sore about losing his title as the number one duelist in the world to Yugi, is confronted by the mysterious Ishizu who tells Kaiba about the existence of the three most powerful cards in Duel Monsters – the Egyptian God Cards. These cards were so powerful and so dangerous that Pegasus had them buried. However, a band of crooked underground duelists known as the Rare Hunters found two of the Egyptian God Cards and stole them. Ishizu persuades Kaiba to throw a new Duel Monsters tournament to draw out these Rare Hunters. To further entice him, Ishizu gives Kaiba one of the Egyptian God Cards that she was able to retain – OBELISK THE TORMENTOR. Kaiba agrees, not because he wants to help Ishizu, but because he wants to get these powerful cards for himself and become the number one duelist once again. And so the Battle City Tournament begins!

The Battle City Tournament...
The Battle City Tournament offers new rules and new surprises. Rather than playing on clunky dueling arenas, Kaiba has invented a new state-of-the-art Duel Disk system so duelists can battle anywhere throughout the city while Kaiba monitors every duel using his satellite tracking system. Also, instead of a cash prize, the winner of each duel gets the rarest card of the loser. So, by the end, the winner of the entire tournament has a super-deck full of rare cards AND the title as the King of Games.

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