Yu-Gi-Oh! Village of Lost Souls

The origins of the Millennium Items are revealed! Who forged these powerful artifacts, and why were they created? Though the Millennium Items are powerful, such power comes with a heavy price... a debt that may never be able to be repaid!

  • Season 5: Episode 34
  • Duration: 21:21
  • Air Date: 12.03.2005
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Season 5: Ep 35 Duration: 21:20

Yu-Gi-Oh! A Reversal of Fortune

The Pharaoh calls forth the mighty Egyptian God Slifer the Sky Dragon to fight the bandit Bakura’s Diabound, but when Diabound starts attacking the townspeople, the Pharaoh must protect them, even if it means sacrificing himself! Furthermore, Diabound can hide in the darkness, so how can the Pharaoh and the guardians fight an enemy they can’t see?

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