Yu-Gi-Oh! One Step Ahead, Part 1

It’s Zigfried vs. Leon for the right to challenge Yugi in the KC Grand Championship Finals... but Kaiba stops the duel! Why would Kaiba interfere in his own tournament? The answers may lie in the very origins of KaibaCorp and the invention of the Duel Disk!

  • Season 5: Episode 10
  • Duration: 21:17
  • Air Date: 09.24.2005
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Season 5: Ep 11 Duration: 21:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! One Step Ahead, Part 2

It’s a battle between Zigfried’s Valkyries and Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Zigfried quickly gains the advantage by destroying Kaiba’s monsters before he can even draw them! With Zigfried’s army growing in strength while Kaiba’s forces falter, Zigfried is unstoppable!

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