Yu-Gi-Oh! The Final Journey

Yugi and his friends are faced with an impossible task – locating a magical apple in a forest full of apple trees. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, they find themselves trapped in an endless maze with dangerous creatures around every turn!

  • Season 5: Episode 48
  • Duration: 21:13
  • Air Date: 05.13.2006
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Season 5: Ep 49 Duration: 20:47

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Final Duel, Part 1

The time of destiny is now! Yugi vs. Atem! If Yugi defeats Atem, Yugi proves he’s ready to stand on his own, and Atem can join his friends in the world beyond... but Yugi and Atem will be separated forever! If Atem defeats Yugi, they can stay together... but Atem will not journey to the next world! The final test is about to begin!

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