Yu-Gi-Oh! Courtroom Chaos, Part 2

Just when Joey seems to gain the upper hand, he hits the longest streak of bad luck in the history of mankind! Has Joey’s fortunes finally run out, or is a crooked judge ignoring the rules of the law?

  • Season 3: Episode 8
  • Duration: 21:22
  • Air Date: 11.29.2003
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Season 3: Ep 9 Duration: 20:32

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mechanical Mayhem, Part 1

Big 4 Nezbitt challenges Duke, Tristan, and Serenity for the right to gain control of three bodies at once! As Serenity’s lack of dueling experience quickly becomes apparent with bonehead plays, will Serenity’s errors cost her team the ultimate price when Tristan and Duke can’t cover for her mistakes?

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