Yu-Gi-Oh! Settling the Score, Part 1

Tristan’s back... but he’s not who he appears to be when he kidnaps Mokuba! It’s time for Kaiba to stop monkeying around and rescue his brother, but he’s confronted by Big 5 Leichter! Will Kaiba be able to defeat him in time before he loses the lead on his brother?

  • Season 3: Episode 11
  • Duration: 20:32
  • Air Date: 12.13.2003
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Season 3: Ep 12 Duration: 21:19

Yu-Gi-Oh! Settling the Score, Part 2

Big 5’s Satellite Cannon attacks Kaiba’s monsters from deep space where none of Kaiba’s monsters can reach it! Mokuba’s unwavering faith in Kaiba inspires him to believe that his brother will pull out the victory, but Noah has plans to ruin their brotherhood...

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