Featuring over 800 cards this delightful art book collects the classic artwork of every real life playable card featured in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL MONSTERS animated series.

Pre-order here: ...

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Figural Keychains

Yugi, Kaiba and Joey’s ace monsters are now available as a figural keychain!

These highly detailed, collectible figures include a keychain and are up to 3 inches tall (sizes vary by design)...

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Kotobukiya’s Atem ARTFX J

Kotobukiya’s Atem ARTFX J figure - Currently available for pre-order and scheduled to ship this month (March 2017).

The pre-order includes a special bonus – a wearable golden Cartouc...

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Yu-Gi-Oh! FIGMA by Good Smile Company

The figma series is a collection of PVC action figures that incorporate both "Beauty" and "Articulation".

Action figures that are made as faithful renditions of characters, yet still allow them ...